A pro blogger

Publicerat: 29 juni, 2016 i In English

As some of my readers may have noticed I’ve have had a bloggers block for the last few years or more truthfully most of this decade. Not that I think any of my readers are still around(on Blogger, not WordPress!) due to the not so frequent updates.

However I found this website or I actually fond their podcast first on how to improve you blogging. It’s called ProBlogger and I’m truly impressed and inspired to start blogging more frequently again. With 8,000 blogging advice posts, over 100 podcast episodes, a community with over 300,000 bloggers, Facebook group (82,000 members), Twitter account (236,000 followers) and some other web sites, this got to be the Internet Bible of blogging. What you can’t learn here you can’t learn anywhere else.

I think I have some reading to do and some blogging =)



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