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Publicerat: 4 mars, 2016 i In English
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It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here but I thought I would say a few things about web browsers. First of all Chrome works better on Android phones than other browsers since they are both made by Google. For example the only web browser on your Android phone you can download pictures with is Chrome. According to Google they haven’t disabled  that option for other browsers but some functions works better with Chrome. So on my phone I’m stuck with Chrome because I want to have the ability to download pictures.

Don’t get me wrong Chrome for PC:s is a fast browser and very much integrated into Google. And you can easily sync your bookmarks, just log into Google in Chrome on any device and it’s all there. So that’s why I have been using Chrome on my laptop as the default browser.

However as a blogger who has the ambition to write blog posts in three different languages, the spellchecking function doesn’t work that well. It underlines the words that are spelled wrong but doesn’t give any suggestions. And for Finnish there’s no spell checker at all, which is the language I definitely need to improve.

So I’m now using Firefox on my laptop…

  1. Stephanie skriver:

    Well, I usually use Firefox on my work laptop. I think it´s a better option than Chrome. At home I use Linux on my own computer, because it´s such an old one so it can´t handle all Windows updates (they are so tiresome).. In my phones (they are both Samsung) I think I use Chrome. I must say I’m a little bit concerned though, I don’t really like using Googles web-browser.

  2. dojle74 skriver:

    We have a few Linux computers here too and Firefox works very well on them. We did have a few problems with updating Firefox but I think I’ve sorted that out so it works automatically now. Well what works is usually the best way to go even though Google’s move to make things difficult for the competition on Android phones is a bit of foul play. But I used to have a Windows Phone and Google refused to make any apps for them and they even went so far as to block Microsoft’s own Youtube app. That is some serious foul play.


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